Helping you get out of debt and bring your financial core values into alignment.

Here’s How I can Help

I help you get out of debt and work on your finances.  I have unique experiences working with non-traditional budgets, with my background in church and non-profit administration. The result, more money at the end of the month as opposed to more month than money.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Do you struggle with your finances? Are you awake all night stressing about your overdue bills? Does your paycheck disappear within days of the deposit? 

Many emotions accompany frustration around money, often affecting your mental health and even your relationships. My mission is to empower you with the tools you need to enjoy your money and live the life you’ve always wanted.


It’s never to late to start building your  financial future.

Set a time with me for your complimentary consultation.

From Financial Frustration to Financial Freedom

An effective financial plan comes from a profound analysis of your goals. We examine your income, expenses, and spending habits. We work out a realistic financial strategy and family budget that is cohesive with your life. I give you the tools to communicate with your family about money without negative emotions. If you want clarification on your financial goals and habits for your continued success, this is the session for you.

This financial coaching plan will answer all of your questions regarding Finances:


How do I pay off debt?


What is a financial plan?


How do I start an emergency fund?


Where does all of my money go?


Do I have to give up everything that I enjoy?


1 hour 1:1 virtual session (virtual or in person: Atlanta, GA residents only)


Analysis of spending habits and financial goals


Personalized accountability and support while you adjust


Questionnaire and worksheet exercises


Custom Financial Roadmap

How to Get Started

Book a Consultation

This is a hassle-free, no-obligation call to get to know each other a bit. It gives me a chance to hear more about your situation and specific needs, and gives you a chance to see if we’ll be a good fit.

Create a Plan Together
Once we outline your areas of biggest need, we’ll work together to create a plan to help you reach your goals.
Work the Plan Together
True change comes when behavior is adjusted, not simply understanding concepts. I’m here to coach you along the way to help you reach your goals.

Do you want your money to work for you rather than against you?

Then financial coaching is for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation to get you started on your financial goals.

Pinnacle Financial Coaching is an independent financial coaching service offering personal finance coaching and education to help empower you to take charge of your money. Priscilla Pope is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. We are not employees or agents of Ramsey Solutions and our services are not warranted or guaranteed by Ramsey in any way. Ramsey-trained Financial Coaches complete training through Ramsey Solutions and pay a fee to be part of the coaching program. Pinnacle Financial Coaching does not offer tax, legal, accounting or other professional advice of any kind.

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