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Worship Ignited!


Exposure to Encounter

Priscilla T Pope is a respected, sought after, and called prophetic teacher and worshipper, bringing believers to a true encounter with Christ.

The daughter of two beloved and dynamic ministers, Priscilla experienced the awe and power of the presence of God at an early age. She received her calling at age eleven where God instilled in her a purpose to lead believers out of desensitized religious exposures and into divine worship encounters where the hand and move of God is experienced first hand.

Explore true worship experiences and hear testimonial of faith and overcoming on the Drawing In Podcast.


The Prophetic Teacher

Ordained as a minister in 2012, Priscilla begun to use her bold voice to speak to the Nations. With messages of overcoming, divine purpose, and Christ’s redemption Priscilla inspired countless congregations, organizations, and regional and National diverse audiences. Using her God given gift to confirm for others the word of God that was already whispered in the deepest part of their souls, Priscilla leaves listeners with clarity and confidence that they can indeed access the purpose centered life that God intended for them to have.

Priscilla also ministers through song and fosters tangible worship encounters and ushers in the presence of God, creating dynamic atmospheres of praise. Book Priscilla to minister through the word or music at your next event.


The Business Leader

With a love of knowledge and higher education, Priscilla holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida A&M University, as well as a MBA with a concentration in Management, and went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management. She has applied her academic knowledge and the wisdom that she has gained from real life experiences to help people create a realistic path to financial independence and make sound business and organizational strategies through her company Pinnacle Consulting Services, Inc.  Learn more about Pinnacle Consulting Service, Inc. 

Worship Ignited!

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Listen in as I pour out my heart, become transparent, and boldly access God’s grace and healing power through song, conversation, and testimonies!